onsdag 8. juni 2011

H.Murakami - After Dark

Tittel: After Dark (2008)

Forfatter: Haruki Murakami

I et nøtteskall: Parallelle virkeligheter kombinert med gode tanker rundt det å være søsken.


"Of course his eyes are hidden behind he mysterious glossy mask, but we can vividly feel the existence - the weight - of his line of vision. With unwavering determination, he stares at something ahead of him. Judging from the angle of his head he may very well be staring towards Eri Asai's bed. We trace this hypothetical line of vision with great care. Yes, there can be no doubt about it. What the man in the mask is staring at with invisible eyes is the sleeping form of Eri. It dawns on us: this is what he's been doing all along. He is able to see through to this side. The television screen is functioning as a window on this room."

"You don't like chicken?" he asks. "It's not that" Mari says. "I make a point of not eating chicken out". "Why not?""Especially the chicken they got in restaurants, they're full of weird drugs. Growth hormones and stuff. The chickens are locked in these dark narrow cages, and given all these shots, and their feed is full of chemicals, and they're put on conveyor belts, and machines cut their head of and pluck them..." "Whoa!" he says with a smile, the wrinkles at the corner of his eyes deepen. "Chicken salad à la George Orwell!".

Tanker i ettertid: Jeg liker hvordan Murakami tar i bruk parallelle universer for å forklare avstanden mellom to søstre, han gjør det på en måte selv den mest hardbarkede realist kan like.

Anbefales: De som leter etter et sted å starte i Murakamis mange verk.

Karakter: B

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